A collection of book resources from previous JSdiaries posts

JavaScript The Good Parts

Shows JavaScript to be lightweight, but also shows patterns that support JavaScript for heavyweight applications. Frequently refereed to as book that is a must for any mid level JavaScript developer.

Douglas Crockford

Angular 2 + TypeScript Development

Learn TypeScript and how to take advantage of its benefits.

Yakov Fain and Anton Moiseev

Interactive Data Visualization for the Web

An Introduction to Designing with D3

Scott Murray

Ng-book 2: The Complete Book on Angular 2: Volume 2

An Angular book that is constantly updated with latest practices post semantic versioning.

Nate Murray

Bear Bibeault and John Resig

Mastering modern JavaScript development in three phases: design, construction, and maintenance.

Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

We have listed a collection of affiliate links below. There can be some shady automation when it comes putting affiliate links on web sites or blogs.

However, all resources mentioned are recommended because they have helped someone at JSdiaries or someone else has brought it to our attention because it has helped them.

“All links can be used as a leaning resource to boost your development career .”

Its extremely important to utilize tools and plugins that will cut down on your development time. If these links/tools are used as learning resources in the correct way they can help grow your career as a JavaScript software developer.

Using them effectively will help you advance and hone your skills in JavaScript frameworks as well as the language itself. We hope these resources help you out and if you follow through on any purchases you help us out too.

This collection of resources also contains tools to increase the quality and value of your own blog/business. Which in turn, can also be invaluable to boosting your software development career.