Top Ionic Resources to Learn Hybrid App Development


Hybrid app development is an extremely fast growing niche. In particular, Ionic 3 is a platform that allows you to produce and distribute your app ideas to the market without having to specialise in iOS or Android development.

We can use the latest and greatest from frontend web technologies such as Angular 4 to power these apps. If you have previously read any of the Ionic content here, such as Creating a Google Map Place or Ionic 3 whats new? then none of this will be news to you. However, I wanted to list what I think is the highest quality learning content available now in relation to Ionic 3.

While there currently isn’t a proper Ionic 3 book to use as a learning resource. This Ionic 2 cookbook covers a wide range of Ionic developing basics and more.

Toptal also covers some common Ionic development mistakes here.

Content that is more practical than theoretical will always be a stronger learning asset so hopefully some of these will help to continue or start your Ionic development path.


Starting off with the Ionic related content on Coursetro.

I cant emphasis enough how much knowledge is gained from following any of Gary Simon’s Ionic related courses.

Starting all the way from designing a prototype in Adobe XD to implementing and developing your designed app using Ionic 3, no other content practically nails down the broader scope of full stack development by creating hybrid apps.

In particular, the course focusing on creating a gaming related app could not be more practical for creating a high quality application with solid functionality and purpose.

Just note that this tutorial in particular is behind a monthly subscription model, for one of the non premium app courses you can see the Wife Alert app which is not updated to Ionic 3 but the core fundamentals of Ionic are still there to learn.

Paul Halliday

Paul is one of the most prolific publishers when its comes to Ionic 3 content at the moment. He covers a plethora of useful Ionic 3 tutorial on his Youtube channel as well as some Udemy courses which I have no experiences with but if they are anything like his free content they are up to a very high standard of teaching.

I’m constantly learning new technologies that I can use in combination with the Ionic stack that would not know otherwise. On those terms, he is unmatched in the Ionic tutorial world.

Here are some of my favourites of his free content.

Joshua Morony

One of first Ionic tutorial publishers, Joshua provides frequent, useful and clear cut tutorials on his website and Youtube channel. There is an abundance of content that you can explore and he is up to date on the Ionic 3 front.

Joshua provides very good elements of clarity as he explains his content and has an impressive amount and experience publishing Ionic content.

Some great material here:

Raja Yogan

Raja has produced some very nice, lengthy and free content on Youtube. He provides very useful and fully fledged practical Ionic examples, usually in combination with Firebase.

I really enjoyed his latest chat application and encourage you to check it out, as its a fantastic series for building your own application using Firebase and Ionic. He is also a publisher who speaks clearly and teaches by example with no unnecessary theoretical fluff.

Exploring any of those publishers content is a great way to really get to grips with Ionic and Hybrid Web Development in general. All with their own different teaching styles, even spending a few hours will be more than beneficial to understanding various concepts for hybrid development.

Angular 4 News Roundup June



June has come and gone and it has brought with it a steady month of Angular 4 news. There is a chance that you could have missed a change to key features or components so I’ve listed some of the main snippets of news that may have passed you by.

Although there isn’t much reading material specifically for Angular 4 I recommend having a look at ng-book: The Complete Guide to Angular 4 here.

Its updated with Angular 4 practices and is one of the few books doing so.

Angular 4.2

The most notable piece of Angular news this month is the release of Angular 4.2. This is a small update and will not break your current Angular projects via Semantic Versioning which I covered in a previous post here.

All changes pertaining to the release are mentioned on the official blog here. So what are main highlights we should take our of this update?
Well, the changes to allow the creation of reusable animations using the animation() function enables our animations to become more modular.

I’ve listed a very similar example as the docs here for reference.

As you can see we assign our animations to a variable, specify its animation properties and then invoke it using the useAnimation function

Typescript 2.4

Typescript has also updated to a new release, bringing with it dynamic import expressions as well as Safer callback parameter checking. There could be few posts written about these changes so I’ll let the official blog post do the talking here.

I’ll just note that the dynamic imports feature in particular is a fantastic addition in this new release. It allows an even deeper layer of lazy loading and enables Webpack to split your bundles even further to only load a particular asset required in a function.

Angular IO

In order to coincide with Angular 4 features and benefits, the official website has now been converted to a full scale web application. It is now much faster and has increased its performance significantly.

There is also a satisfying element of practice what you preach and the Angular team have clearly rebuilt the website from the ground up with performance in mind.

It may seems like a minor detail but searching through the documentation has now become a better user experience which I’m sure is appreciated throughout the Angular community especially for those browsing on mobile devices.

These were the main notable Angular events and features this month. The framework is progressively evolving every month and if theres enough newsworthy item in July I’ll be sure to do a similar roundup.

Still looking to upgrade your AngularJS app to Angular 2? Check out this tutorial by Toptal here.